Mini Tomato Salad Halves

Mini Tomato Salad Halves

  • Prep: 15 min
  • Cook Time:
  • Total: 15 min
  • Serving: 2 Servings

A great summer appetizer to offer guests, make this recipe when tomatoes are in season and at their sweetest.


  • 2 medium-size tomatoes
  • 1/3 cup boiled corn
  • 1/3 cup boiled peas
  • 1/3 cup tuna
  • 1/3 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 2 boiled eggs, diced
  • 1/3 cup shredded carrots
  • 1/4 cup capers
  • 1/3 cup beans
  • 2 small basil leaves, shredded
  • Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
  • vinegar
  • olive oil


  1. Using a sharp knife cut the tomatoes in half and then scoop out the seeds with a melon-baller.
  2. Evenly fill the tomato halves with corn, peas, tuna, cheese, egg, carrots, capers, beans and basil.
  3. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to each half and then drizzle with the oil and vinegar.

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