Jiffy Potato Onion Puffs

Jiffy Potato Onion Puffs

  • Prep: 5 min
  • Cook Time: 5 min
  • Total: 10 min
  • Serving: 4

So easy to put together, Jiffy Potato Onion Puffs are made with instant mashed potatoes and pancake mix.


  • 2 cups instant mashed potatoes
  • 1/3 cup pancake mix
  • 1 tablespoon dry onion soup mix
  • 1 teaspoon finely snipped parsley


  1. Prepare potatoes according to package directions. Add remaining ingredients; mix well. Drop by tablespoonfuls, several at a time, into deep fat at 365 degrees F. Fry for about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes, until golden brown, turning to brown both sides. Drain on paper towels.

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