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Because your baby's skin is very thin, blood vessels show through the skin at this point, and lanugo -- fine hair -- covers its body. Fingernails are well formed, and the baby is moving its arms and legs. Fetuses this age have been seen on ultrasound sucking their thumbs!

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To dye for

Color your hair

P&B reader Lisa asks: "Is it safe to color my hair now that I am pregnant? I am not thrilled with letting my dark roots grow out for the next seven months. I would really like to continue to color it. What do you think?"

Our expert answers:"Of course I would strongly recommend that you discuss this question with your doctor and get their opinion. Any type of chemical process that you undertake during pregnancy needs to be seriously considered. The ultimate decision should depend on what your doctor recommends. You should also consider the possibility that your hair will change during your pregnancy. Hair texture, condition and growth cycles can all be altered for as much as up to one year after birth. In some cases, the impact on your hair from the change in your hormones can last indefinitely."

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Pop quiz answer

Darrin of BewitchedEven without a magic spell (per yesterday's question about Bewitched), some fathers-to-be do experience pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea, indigestion, a change in appetite, weight gain, constipation, headaches and emotional highs and lows.

Called couvade, or couvade syndrome (for the French word couver, meaning "to hatch") these are essentially sympathetic pregnancy characteristics that can seem very real. Rest assured, only one of you will actually deliver.

Tone the core

By far, the most important area of your body to strengthen and tone before, during, and after pregnancy is your torso. Without strong abdominal and back muscles, you risk injuring your back and developing poor posture throughout the rest of your pregnancy. Bad habits are hard to break!

Just by sitting on the fitness ball, you engage all of the muscles that support the growing uterus. Try to sit on the ball as much as you can throughout the day to strengthen your core. If you feel any back discomfort, that means your muscles are tired and need to rest. Many people use fitness balls to sit at their desk or to watch television. Be creative!

Read on for more information about fitness balls during pregnancy.

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