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14 weeks pregnant

Drink up

You should make sure you're getting enough fluids -- keeping your insides watered down will translate to more moisture available for your baby and your own body (including your skin).

Drink up

Water has wonderful restorative properties. It is a natural, fat-free appetite suppressant that contains no calories and no cholesterol. It is low in sodium, helps the body metabolize fat, helps maintain skin and muscle tone, and improves energy levels.

Water helps regulate body temperature, transports oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and antibodies; helps eliminate toxins and other wastes from the body. Water protects organs and tissues; increases the efficiency of proteins and enzymes essential to metabolism; and relieves water retention (though it may seem counterintuitive, when you're retaining water, the best course of action is to drink more water, not less).

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In Bewitched episode 38, "A Very Special Delivery" (which aired on 9-23-65), Endora casts a spell on dad-to-be Darrin, which causes him to experience pregnancy symptoms -- and he even fights for extra pickles at an office luncheon. Darrin eventually begins to believe that he is going to have a baby himself. 

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You may begin to notice you are getting stretch marks or that your skin feels itchy. This is caused by strained connective tissues in the skin tearing rather than being elastic, thereby creating stretch marks.

Stretch marksDo what you can to keep from scratching when your skin is in such a delicate state, realizing that scratching and pushing and pulling may cause more damage.

Try rubbing a soothing moisturizer or special pregnancy cream on your skin to help with this. Although there is no assurance that lotions or creams will prevent these marks, they may, at least, make you feel less itchy.

The good news is there are also some factors related to stretch marks that you can control. So, even if you are prone to this problem, there are ways to decrease your risks -- starting with watching your weight and keeping extra pounds under control.

How can this help? When skin is forced to stretch too rapidly, the underlying dermal structure breaks down allowing stretch marks to develop. And while it is imperative that you gain a healthy amount of weight during your pregnancy, a slow and gradual gain is best -- not only for your baby, but for your body, too.

Click here for more information on stretch marks, including other ideas to hopefully help keep them at bay.

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