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13 weeks pregnant

Hopefully almost there...

If you've suffered from morning sickness, you should finally start to feel better this week or next. And believe it or not, you'll probably forget about this part of pregnancy, or at least won't remember it too vividly. Such forgetfulness is imperative if humans are to survive as a species -- you have to forget the bad parts so you'll go ahead and do it all over again! :-)


...But maybe not

Some ladies are "lucky" enough to carry the morning sickness fun well into the second trimester. If you're still looking to combat morning sickness, we have some great tips for you. Most women find that their symptoms ease up if they keep their blood sugar relatively stable by eating smaller, more frequent meals and snacks.

"I've found that I have to eat something every one to two hours," noted Janet Beaudry of Toronto, when she was pregnant with her second child.

Also be sure to choose stomach-friendly foods. Denise Tiran, author of Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness and Other Pregnancy Ailments recommends rice cakes, tahini, whole wheat bread, green apples and natural whole yogurt, as well as chamomile, spearmint or ginger tea -- while Beaudry is a big fan of high carbohydrate foods such as arrowroot cookies, rice and Cheerios.

It's wise to avoid exposure to strong cooking odors or becoming overheated as both situations tend to be problematic for women who are batting nausea and vomiting in pregnancy.

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In the know

Starting this month, your baby weighs about 0.5 to 0.7 ounce, and is about three inches long. Other things that are about three inches: your index finger, a Q-tip, a light switch plate (width).

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Danica McKellar pregnant


Of finding out that she was pregnant for the first time, actress, author and mathematician Danica McKellar told People magazine in March 2010, "When you do take the home pregnancy test, it doesn't quite seem real... But when you see the baby and the heartbeat on the ultrasound, it's so incredible."

35-year-old Danica added, "Me and Mike looked at each other and we could not stop the tears."

On the job

Looking to announce your pregnancy news at work? Not sure how the boss will take it? You kicked your coffee habit weeks ago, but your boss still hasn't clued into the fact that you're pregnant. Still, it's only a matter of time before she hears the news from someone else, and you'd like her to hear it from you first. So how -- and when -- should you make the mother of all announcements at work?

While there's no guaranteed "right time" to share your big news, you can increase your chances of meeting with a positive response if you plan your announcement carefully.

Here's one tip: Anticipate your employer's concerns and be prepared to address them. Go in with a plan that specifies how long you intend to be off work, who might be able to replace you, and what you intend to do to help train your replacement. Of course, you'll want to make it clear that this is just a game plan -- not a guaranteed blueprint for the months ahead. Circumstances may change if you run into some unexpected complications with your pregnancy, notes Hamilton, Ontario, obstetrician Margaret Lightheart, MD.

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