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You have more blood circulating now, which is placing greater demands on your heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. During pregnancy, your body's blood volume will increase 30 percent over normal!

Why do I need to take iron supplements during pregnancy?

Test or not?

Why would you consider prenatal testing? The vast majority of babies born are healthy, and there is not often a need for concern. However, some parents -- and some caregivers -- want to eliminate the worry of, various possible birth defects, such as chromosomal defects, birth defects from infection (including HIV and rubella) as well as defects caused by conditions such as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

Prenatal testing

Many defects can be discovered during pregnancy via one or more prenatal tests. But how much you want to know is up to you. Some women feel routine testing is unnecessary in their cases, since the risk of serious defects for the majority of healthy and conscientious women is extremely small. They may also believe that a serious defect is likely to be discovered even without the test and don't want to spend their pregnancy worrying too much about those that aren't serious.


Ann Douglas offers these tips for selecting a baby name:

Make sure that the name you're considering will work well with your last name. Don't forget to consider what your baby's initials will end up being if you go with a particular name. It's unlikely that a baby girl named Ashley Sarah Smith is going to grow up and thank her parents for that particular combination of initials!

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No-med zone

Medications in pregnancy

Sure, you realize that you can't slap on a morphine patch while you're pregnant... but what about more normal, everyday medications and treatments?

Many medications are off limits to pregnant women. But to confuse the matter, some medications are worse during specific trimesters but less risky during others.

Here's a basic guide to the meds -- including herbs and oils -- avoid during pregnancy.

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