Your baby this week
12 weeks pregnant

Finally, it's week 12

Ending the first trimester successfully is a wonderful milestone you have reached! Many women prefer to wait until this point before announcing their pregnancies. 

Looking for creative ways to share the news? Here's one family's story:

Baby cupcakes

Some people go to great lengths to create an elaborate message for their friends and family. My favorite is the couple that gathered their unsuspecting family at a nice restaurant to celebrate their anniversary. As soon as they sat down one of them excused themselves to go to the bathroom and, instead, handed special "menus" to the waitress.

A few minutes later the waitress arrived at the table, introduced herself, and said, "These are tonight's specials," as she handed out the fake menus. The only options under "Tonight's Special" were "Girl: a beautiful blend of your favorite daughter and son-in-law. What a sweet girl she will be!" and "Boy: a cuddly blend of your favorite son-in-law and daughter. What a charming little boy he will be!" In bold lettering at the bottom it read "We're having a baby!" and the fine print underneath read "All forms of payment are accepted, including love, hugs, kisses, cookies, play dates, ice cream, tender moments etc."

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Smile pretty

We know you're pretty overwhelmed with prenatal appointments, but be sure to also schedule a checkup with your dentist. There used to be a saying, "for every child, a tooth," which no longer has to be true!

Your gums may soften during pregnancy, so be meticulous about your oral hygiene. Fortunately, during pregnancy, routine dental care can be continued without worry. Dental cleanings, use of xovocaine and local anaesthetics for cavities and extractions, and x-rays with proper abdominal lead shielding are all acceptable as needed.

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Loving lemons

Still suffering from pregnancy nausea? Susannah from the Pregnancy & Baby message boards turned to lemons for help: "I have lemon drops, lemonade, lemon yogurt. Oh, and I just bought some lemons at the store to sniff when I get queasy. Plus, the best thing lemon in the world that I know is a Fazoli's Italian Ice. (Lemon flavored, of course!)"


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Breathe easier

Do you suffer from asthma and wonder how it (and your medications!) will affect your baby? If so, you're not alone. Asthma is one of the most common pregnancy complications, affecting about one of every 100 pregnant women. The key to a healthy pregnancy and baby, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), is to control your asthma.

The ACAAI recommends that you avoid triggers such as cigarette smoke, exposure to animals, and dusty and damp environments. Stay in an air-conditioned place during pollen seasons and when the pollution index is high; wear a mask or scarf around your face on excessively cold days to warm the air before you breathe it. Stay away from crowds in which cold and flu viruses may be prevalent, and avoid foods or chemicals that might have caused a reaction in the past, such as sulfites or MSG.

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