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If this is baby number one, you probably aren't showing very much yet so don't need maternity clothes. However, if this ain't your first rodeo, you may be wearing looser clothing already because your abdominal muscles aren't quite as tight as they were before your first baby. And on that topic, here are three articles you might want to check out:

The goods on ginger

GingerMorning sickness got you down? Although it had long been considered the stuff of old wives tales and legend, using ginger as a remedy to treat morning sickness is rapidly earning a new respect. In a study published in the medical journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, doctors from the University of Adelaide in Australia proved once again this natural remedy is an extremely effective treatment for pregnancy nausea and vomiting.

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Advice & support

Alexie, a mom on the P&B message boards, talks about the misery of morning sickness:

"Today I puked on the subway. Yes, you read that right. It was a full crowded train -- I didn't have anything but my newspaper to catch it. I'm really depressed. I just want to cry all day. I know i'm lucky to be pregnant but I am really low. I've been throwing up a lot. I just feel really down in the dumps about this whole pregnancy. Every woman tells me it will get better but right now, in this moment, it's not getting better. I've had full blown morning sickness for over 2 months now & I feel like crap. I've been flat out on my back all last weekend (again!). I have no energy for anything."

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In the know

In a typical ultrasound exam (sometimes called a sonogram), a handheld transducer is moved against the outside of your abdomen, and the baby, placenta and amniotic sac can be visualized.


Ultrasound works by using sonar or high frequency sound waves (beyond the range of human hearing) transmitted through the surface of the skin through to the uterus, and then the sound waves are reflected back in different ways, depending on the density of the various tissues.

During the actual exam, baby body parts will be a little easier to make out because you will be able to recognize the baby's movements. The exam is painless, considered to be harmless to the baby, and is an excellent diagnostic tool.

To learn more about ultrasounds in the various stages of pregnancy, click here!

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