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Just a few inches below the surface of your skin, nestled safely deep within your body, your baby is changing at a truly amazing pace.

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Every expectant mom has worries. But there are some things that just seem so embarrassing, we don't want to ask anyone about them. Lucky you! Find out what to do about those pregnancy-related things you're secretly stressed about right here.

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Have you been craving different foods since you got pregnant? Joyce says on the message boards, "I used to love chocolate, and now I'm just craving spicy foods. My husband bought some butterfingers last night at the store, which usually would've sent me into a feeding frenzy, but now they were just unappealing. I never thought ANYTHING would sway me from my beloved chocolate... I'll take seconds on the chili, though!"


Pickles and ice creamYou just sent your partner out for a triple-fudge sundae and a super-sized bag of dill pickle potato chips. It would seem that you've been hit with the modern-day equivalent of that classic pickles and ice cream craving!

But as you rip open the bag of chips and dive into that ultra-decadent chocolate dream, you can't help but wonder how much of your craving is physiological in nature and how much is psychologically based. After all, those ice cream sundae cravings have been part of your life for as long as you can remember -- it's just the pickle potato chip compulsion that's a more recent twist!

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