Your baby this week
10 weeks pregnant

Your baby now

Your baby's fingers and toes have separated, and its nails are growing. The digestive system can function and can absorb sugar. But that's not all! His or her tiny little pituitary gland is making hormones, and the nervous system has developed further.

Write it down

Journaling pregnancy

Be sure to take a little time each week (or, better yet, each day) to make a few notes about how you are feeling and how your pregnancy is progressing!

We've made it simple to keep a diary right here in your pregnancy calendar! Write down things like your fundal height measurements, how you're feeling each day, when you first felt the baby hiccup and other memorable moments.

To post a note, just click here or on the link above that says "Add note or event."

Ideas & inspiration

Morning sickness getting the best of you? Some suggestions:

  • Don't drink fluids with your meals
  • Try papaya tablets or Vitamin B6 (take 30 to 75mg every day)
  • Use "Sea Bands" (velcro wrist bands with accupressure points) from drugstores.
  • Suck on sour candies -- or even lemons
  • Add some ginger -- a raw chunk brewed in tea, ginger root capsules, or in fresh ginger cookies or homemade or natural (real ginger) ginger ale.

Find out more ways to deal with the misery of morning (or all-day) sickness here.

(Not) sharing the news

From Shelah's pregnancy diary, Week 9:

I've been so uncreative about telling people about the new baby. I'm really excited, but I don't want other people to feel like they have to jump up and down and scream for joy, especially since this isn't the first time I've gone through this. I considered making "I'm the big brother" and "I'm the big sister" t-shirts for the kids to wear when we went to see my parents, but I never got around to it. Then I decided I'd make fortune cookies where the fortunes read, "You will have a new baby in your life in October," but I eventually decided that plan was too time-consuming (or else I'm just too lazy).

When we got to Chicago last weekend I had a less labor-intensive plan: I'd get Annie in front of my parents and ask her what she wanted to be for Halloween and she'd say, "A big sister."

We had practiced in the car all the way from Minnesota to Illinois and she seemed to have it down -- but when we got there and I asked her, I got a multitude of responses (including a princess, a bunny and a lion) but she just wouldn't budge on giving up the news.

Finally, I just had to come out and tell them. My mom's characteristic response, "I thought you guys were going to wait longer!" Followed quickly by, "You're going to be so busy." Followed a few minutes later by, "But you know we're really happy for you."

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