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10 weeks pregnant

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In this last month of the first trimester, your baby is growing rapidly, doubling in size over the next four weeks. Its head is about half the length of the entire body. External genitalia are forming, and after this month, it will have physically developed into either a boy or a girl (though its gender was determined at conception).

fetal development How does your baby grow? See a fetal development video!

Style & beauty

Woman with long hair

Pregnancy changes your entire body, and your hair is no exception. Many women experience luxuriant growth and increased thickness, while others find that their once lively locks have become dull or limp.

If you find that your hair is growing fast and thick, you can thank the increased amount of estrogen in your body. This hormone signals your hair follicles to get growing and stop shedding. Increased estrogen also revs up your metabolism, which brings nutrients to your scalp as well as to your growing belly. In addition, many women eat better and take vitamins during pregnancy, which leads to healthy hair growth as well as a healthy body.

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While pregnancy is filled with many joyous moments -- such as baby's first kick, extra attention from family and friends and the first ultrasound -- there can be scary moments as well.

Call your healthcare provider right away if you experience possible warning signs, such as bleeding or staining, menstrual-type cramps, blurred vision or dizziness. Click here for a more comprehensive list of pregnancy symptoms you shouldn't ignore.

Weight & see

weight scalesYou should gain 2 to 5 pounds total during the first trimester. After the first trimester, your gain will be more like 3/4 to 1 pound per week. If you find that you are wildly gaining weight you may wonder what you can do to keep a healthy normal weight gain going on during your pregnancy.

Gaining too much weight during pregnancy will make blood sugar levels higher than normal for women with gestational diabetes. Yet, for many pregnant women it is very difficult to gain weight slowly and still get all of the recommended nutrients. Luckily, fat, which is high in calories (9 calories per gram), is needed in only small amounts during pregnancy. Carbohydrates and protein, in contrast to fat, provide only 4 calories per gram.

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What are the odds?

There are nearly four million births each year in the United States. So how many people end up having c-sections, episiotomies, ultrasounds, amnios and other obstetrical procedures? Come take a look at the numbers here!

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