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Between 10 and 12 weeks, some women opt to have a prenatal test called CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling). With the help of an ultrasound to visualize the uterus and placenta, a thin needle (through the abdomen) or narrow tube (though the cervix) takes a small tissue sample from the placenta. The cells are then tested for chromosomal problems. CVS is considered to be 98% accurate in the diagnosis of chromosomal defects such as Down Syndrome.


The earliest signs

We asked P&B readers, "What were your earliest symptoms of pregnancy?" Here's what they had to say!

Sore breasts and nipples: 41%
Fatigue: 26%
Cramps, spotting: 18%
Sensitive to smells: 8%
Bad taste in mouth: 7% 

Twins on board?

Symptoms of twin or multiple gestation can show up early in pregnancy, consisting primarily of excessive morning sickness, strong other symptoms of pregnancy (metallic taste in your mouth, "feeling pregnant," frequent urination) and fatigue.


You may measure large for dates (based on uterine size/fundal height), though this could also indicate an error in remembering or calculating your due date, extra amniotic fluid, the presence of fibroids, twins or more... or it could be just a variation of a normal with only one baby inside.

AFP (alpha fetaprotein) tests will catch approximately 65% of twin pregnancies. In twin pregnancies, AFP results are not reliable because there is no way to determine the alpha fetoprotein levels from each separate baby. Doppler (the audio ultrasound device used at most prenatal checkups) may pick up more than one heartbeat. Read more from "Are you pregnant with twins or more?" here.

Even more motivation to work out

Did you know that a study regarding pregnancy and exercise indicated that women who continued to exercise during pregnancy had a 30 percent shorter labor and fewer obstetric interventions such as forceps and cesarean deliveries? Further, a 1995 study found that women who continued strenuous aerobic activity throughout pregnancy averaged smaller weight gains and accumulated less body fat.

To get more help designing your own pregnancy workout, check out this article!


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