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As the embryo forms, the neural tube, a tube-like structure extending form the top of your baby's head to the base of the spine, begins to form. The tube, which will soon become the baby's brain and spine, is wholly formed five weeks after conception.

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Nutrition notes

A reader asks: "Does what I eat when I'm pregnant make it more likely to have a baby girl or baby boy?"

Our expert answers: "The sex of the baby is determined at the moment of conception -- when the sperm and the egg join. Nothing during pregnancy will change that. However, pre-conception gender selection, or the influencing of the sex of the baby before it is conceived (so as to make it more likely to have the baby of your choice) is getting a lot of press lately."

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Oh, blah!

You may have a hard time mustering the energy or enthusiasm to get organized for your baby if pregnancy symptoms such as nausea are hitting you hard. Often referred to as "morning sickness," pregnancy nausea is a common affliction: morning, noon or night.

"Expectant mothers and their families are bracing for big changes," says Christine Zuchora-Walske, co-author of Getting Organized for Your New Baby. "Unfortunately, nausea can add to stress and detract from enjoyment during this exhilarating time."

On the plus side, she provides some tools for combating pregnancy nausea. If you suffer from nausea, Zuchora-Walske suggests taking careful notes throughout the day. Record your activities, your snacks and meals and how you feel. This may help you recognize patterns in your nausea and try to prevent it in the future. Read her tips here!

In real life

"I am 9 weeks today, and I haven't had much morning sickness except for nausea in the morning for about a month. Luckily I haven't actually thrown up yet, hope that I won't! My mom had bad morning sickness with me, but my grandmother who had 13 babies never once had morning sickness." - Cindy

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