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9 weeks pregnant

Your baby now

What does your little one look like now? He or she is now 1/3 of an inch long and weighs about one gram. Although he's tiny, little fingers and toes are beginning to form. An early tongue and twenty little baby teeth buds are in his mouth, and he now has nostrils. To see more, click here!

fetal development How does your baby grow? See a fetal development video!

Morning sickness grocery list

Plenty of mamas-to-be experience morning sickness. It’s not pretty or fun, but you're definitely sure not alone. During pregnancy we all know that what we eat goes to our baby as well, and if you have morning sickness it can be hard not to freak out thinking, “My baby’s getting nothing but saltines and ginger tea!” Some tips...


  • Try to focus on what you can eat rather than what you can’t. Your baby will get enough nutrients from your body unless you’re already extremely undernourished, and in that case talk to your midwife or doctor for advice.
  • Try tiny meals throughout the day vs. three larger meals.
  • If possible, keep something in your belly at all times, but not too much. Too little or too much food can both trigger nausea and make morning sickness worse.

Get some specific food ideas here: The morning sickness grocery list

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Looking ahead

How will you diaper your baby? What comes to mind when at the mention of cloth diapers? Do you have ugly visions of dunking soiled diapers in the toilet bowl? Or do you envision your baby's skin with diaper pin wounds, or stubborn rashes? Have no fear, gentle mama! There have been some innovations since your grandma or mom diapered their babies. Check out these new answers to old complaints.

Click here to expose those old myths once and for all!

Moms want to know

If a chocolate craving or a need for sweets has you reaching for the goodies in the checkout aisle, you probably are trying to balance your desires with your concern for your baby's health. Nutritionist and registered dietician Martha Belury, PhD, tells you about some reasons behind sugar cravings, and how moderation is key.

"Many things may trigger a heightened desire for sweets, including hormonal status (estrogen is an appetite stimulant!), seasons and/or holidays of the year, trimester of pregnancy, mood changes, and so forth. But a very common cause of craving sweets is simply being overtired. Such fatigue may be caused by emotional anxiety, excitement, physical tiredness, lack of ability to sleep and/or being overextended from commitments to work, family and perhaps meeting the needs of your child/children."

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