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You may already feel the need to urinate more often. In early pregnancy, this is possibly caused by increased blood flow to the pelvis, and later in pregnancy, added to by the weight of the uterus bearing down on your bladder.

Happily, this irritating symptom may be alleviated during the second trimester... but may come back to visit in the third as your baby grows and adds even more pressure to what probably seems like a shrinking bladder.

Imagine this scenario...

Your hormones are raging, making you feel ready for love. You begin massaging your husband's back and kissing him to signal your desire, but he pulls away. He pats your expanding belly and says, "Let's wait until after the baby is born."

Wait! What does he mean, "Wait"?! How do you put those raging hormones on ice -- or better yet, how do you convince him otherwise?

No sex

What's going on? "My husband is very unresponsive," says expecting mom Debra Gibson. "Since the pregnancy, he claims he is totally freaked about a live human being inside of me and is petrified of hurting the baby. I find myself easily aroused and I want to be intimate with my husband a lot more often than our normal. Being newly married, this has put a strain on our relationship because I have a need to feel desirable, and he has backed off."

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Stop pop?

Skip soda

Love your diet cola or orange pop? While caffeine does cross the placenta to your baby, there doesn't appear to be any evidence that small amounts of caffeine (say 1 or 2 cups of coffee per day) will cause problems during pregnancy.

That said, studies have shown that caffeine may cause a miscarriage or could slow the growth of your developing baby if you consume any more than 300mg (an amount roughly equivalent to 2 or 3 cups of coffee, depending on how generous the pour, and perhaps a little more if drinking tea).


It's one of those little Hollywood beauty "secrets" that everyone knows, but doesn't usually talk about. like liposuction, facelifts, or the fact that double-sided tape can be used artfully to create cleavage to die for. Heels. No, not their mere existence, but the fact that many women keep on wearing stiletto pumps, stacked-heel boots, wedge and even platform shoes during the nine months of pregnancy.

"I am wearing heels -- the highest heels," admitted Leslie Zemeckis, a California model, actress and wife of producer/director Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Polar Express). "I love heels, and they're still comfortable. I was buying shoes -- spiked but not flimsy, very sturdy -- and was getting the funniest looks from other women," she laughs.

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