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7 weeks pregnant


In the know

The baby has what appears to be a tiny tail, but it this will disappear completely in the weeks ahead.

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Check it up

Prenatal care is incredibly important for baby -- and for you. But where to start? Check out our healthcare and prenatal appointment site guide, which covers topics like your first ob-gyn visit, 9 questions to ask your healthcare provider and a tool to make an interactive prenatal appointment timeline.

Telling your other kids

If you have other children, consider their ages and personalities before spilling the beans about your pregnancy. As a general guide, wait until after the first trimester (and the greatest risk of miscarriage) is over. Also keep in mind that pregnancy may seem impossibly long to a child, who hasn't yet developed the same sense of time as an adult. Make sure you explain it so the child understands the baby won’t arrive today or this week. (This will save you a lot of “Is the baby here yet?” questions every morning.)

Older child

Finally, tell your child about your pregnancy before you tell your friends and neighbors -- hearing the news first from you is important.

Eating well during pregnancy

Eating when you don't want to -- or chowing down on foods you don't really like -- can be stressful when you're expecting. Good nutrition is important during pregnancy, especially during the critical first trimester... though just because you know you need to eat well because you're building a baby doesn't necessarily mean you're going to enjoy it.

But have hope: Counting nutrients, balancing food groups and finding foods that are as appealing as they are healthy doesn't have to leave you hungry for an easier way to eat. Click here to read 10 ways to eat smart and make it enjoyable too!

Ideas and Inspiration

Ask your caregiver if prenatal vitamins are right for you. If you find your vitamins are giving you an upset stomach, try taking them at a completely different time of day (like right before bedtime) or with milk or a meal. If that doesn't help, ask for a different brand of vitamin.

You might also consider taking a DHA supplement: During pregnancy, developing babies rely on their mothers to get needed DHA. Click here to find out why this is a good idea!

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