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Your baby's heartbeat may already be detectable via ultrasound. At this early stage, a vaginal transducer (the ultrasound sensor) may be used instead of the abdominal transducer used later in pregnancy. The scanner is long and narrow, and often covered with a gel-filled condom. It is entered into your vagina, up by the cervix to get as close as possible to the baby. For a transvaginal (or "endovaginal") ultrasound, you happily do not need a full bladder.

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Maternity dress

Lookin' good!

People probably still can't tell that you're pregnant. However, you may notice that your clothes are a bit tighter around the waist.

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Are you Rh negative?

Hunter from Illinois writes: "My wife is pregnant and just found out that her blood is Rh negative. What does this mean. what are the risks for her and the baby?"

Our expert answers: "During pregnancy, there is a risk that baby's blood and mom's blood could mix. If mom was Rh Negative and baby was Rh positive, then the possibility of a problem exists. This is called Rh isoimmunization. The D antigen on baby's blood can be recognized as a foreign entity by mom's immune system. She can generate antibodies that can cross the placenta and attack baby's blood cells, resulting in anemia."

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Sex & pregnancy

Is it safe to continue to be sexually active as your pregnancy progresses?

Sex & pregnancy

Obstetrician/Gynecologist David Barrere tells you what's safe, what to watch for, and the effect of an orgasm on your uterus:

Orgasms cause the uterus to contract, sometimes with great intensity, lasting for one-half to one hour after intercourse. Contractions are more frequent as the due date approaches, but may be present in the early second trimester. In general, these contractions do not result in a change in the cervical dilatation or effacement. For most women, intercourse results in no problems.

However, in certain high risk pregnancies (premature labor, incompetent cervix, multiple gestations, placenta previa), "pelvic rest" is advocated to decrease the possibility of premature labor or bleeding. That said, there currently is great debate over the relationship of intercourse to premature labor.

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In the know

What is a "natural" birth? While birth is,  by its very existence, natural, thisterm  generally refers to childbirth without pain relief (anesthesia or analgesia); may alternatively be used to indicate a vaginal delivery rather than a cesarean birth.

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