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Incorrect results?

pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests are not completely foolproof. The most common reason for an incorrect result stems from user error -- that is, the test is not performed correctly. You might also receive a false-positive result if you have:

  • recently given birth
  • recently miscarried or had an abortion
  • elevated levels of luteinizing hormone (LH)
  • used certain drugs (methadone, chlordiazepoxide, or promethazine)
  • been treated with a medication containing hCG (for example, menotropins [Pergonal], which may be used to induce ovulation)
  • some rare tumors and illnesses

Note that oral contraceptives, painkillers, antibiotics, and other common drugs should not affect the test result.

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When food makes you gag

Food aversions are also typical throughout pregnancy, particularly toward fatty and/or strong-smelling foods (onions, garlic, eggs, meat, greasy or fatty foods). You may find yourself completely repulsed by even your usual favorite meals, and you might get queasy at the very thought of visiting certain restaurants.

This can last throughout pregnancy — and sometimes beyond. In fact, when you’re in the thick of morning sickness, you might want to avoid certain foods and restaurants you really enjoy, because that old feeling may never come back after some little part of your brain associates them with repeated bouts of vomiting.

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Showing early

From Carrie, a new mom-to-be on the P&B message boards

Woman outside

"I am 6 weeks, 1 day and now into my 'baggy' pants/shorts… With my daughter, I couldn't zip any of my pants by 8 weeks. I had to wear maternity pants with suspenders to hold them up. Everyone joked that I was having twins. I am a pretty tiny person (5'2" and 105 pounds) so when I start poofing, it all shows! I was teased soooo badly with my daughter. No one could believe I was showing so early and that it was only one baby. Meanies! Even after my ultrasound, my brother would say, 'So, how are those babies?' After a miscarraige, though, I couldn't be happier or more proud of my little poof!"

The hormones know...

All those wacky hormones running through your body while you're pregnant may reveal more than pregnancy symptoms. They may be able to tell you whether you will have a boy or a girl as early as 16 days after conception! How? Pink converse baby shoeGirls reportedly produce a higher amount of human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) than boys, and the difference can be detected as early as three weeks’ gestation, according to a study published in the journal Human Reproduction.

Researchers found that HCG levels 14 to 20 days after fertilization in the third week after fertilization were significantly higher (18.5 percent) in moms carrying girls than in those carrying boys. However, the researchers concluded that more work is needed to make this type of early testing more reliable. Currently, the only way to get an idea of whether you will have a boy or a girl is through an ultrasound, typically done around 20 weeks gestation, or via amniocentesis, a genetic procedure.

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