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Under normal circumstances, your blood does not flow directly into the baby, nor does your baby's blood enter your bloodstream. Among many other tasks, the placenta serves as a blood filter of sorts, keeping your blood on one side and that of your baby on the other.

Toxins and other substances, however, can pass through the membrane -- so be careful what you ingest and breathe!

Telling the world

It's the moment you've been waiting for: You have a positive pregnancy test and you want to tell the world (or just your spouse). Do you blurt it out over dinner or do you attempt the more subtle approach? Click here to discover creative and fun ideas for sharing your big news.

Positive pregnancy test

Lose the stress

Daily pressures of family and work can be tough for anyone, but for mothers-to-be, increased stress during pregnancy can be downright overwhelming. At the same time, doctors emphasize the need to reduce tension for the well being of mother and baby. One good way to get started: Take a walk.

When you feel so stressed that you are tempted to tell someone to "take a hike," follow your own advice and go for a walk instead. "Exercise is the best and the cheapest medicine there is at any point in life," says Dr Elizabeth Taghechian, a Marietta, Georgia Ob/Gyn. "It decreases the risk of gestational diabetes," she says, and "decreases chances of depression during pregnancy." She also explains that illnesses like these can be a major cause of prenatal anxiety, so exercise both decreases the risk of illness and the risk of stress.

Read on right here for more great tips and advice for reducing your stress during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy and sex

Sex and pregnancy

Is an increase -- or decrease -- in desire for sex normal during pregnancy? Can vigorous intercourse harm the fetus? Is it harmful to have an orgasm during pregnancy? How often is it safe to have intercourse during pregnancy? Can I have intercourse any time during pregnancy?

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