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There are many signs of pregnancy, ranging from those that make you wonder if you might just be pregnant to those that even your caregiver will consider proof positive. Here's a look and the signs and symptoms you may experience, and how likely each one is to be correct!

Advice and support

"About a week ago I started thinking that maybe I was pregnant. My breasts started hurting a lot, no matter how much sleep I got I was still exhausted in the morning, and I was experiencing some minor other symptoms. I'd had unprotected sex earlier this month, so it was possible. A few days after I started to suspect one of my good friends told me he'd dreamed I was pregnant, then my mom suggested twice in the same day that maybe I was pregnant. I was already feeling obsessed, I've been googling constantly for symptoms and prime fertility periods and such. This has made me so much more obsessed though. Do you think it possible that they could have sensed something?" - lothy

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Nutrition notes

Fruit shakeDepending on what foods you crave during your pregnancy, you can indulge a little -- or a lot. Certainly if you're craving yogurt and fruit shakes, or bowls of oatmeal, you can probably eat 'til your heart's content!

But what if all you can think of is that premium, high-fat strawberry ice cream? Experts say concentrate on what it is about this snack that makes you feel satisfied.

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Pregnant after a loss?

If you've previously lost a baby, your pregnancy may not feel like nine months; it may feel like an eternity. Here are some tips on staying sane from the time your pregnancy test comes back positive until your baby arrives.

  • Make sure that your doctor or midwife understands that you will need extra reassurance-and perhaps even extra prenatal visits-during your subsequent pregnancy. If your caregiver doesn't appear to be particularly supportive, consider finding a new doctor or midwife.
  • Be prepared to experience a mix of emotions-joy because you are pregnant again, guilt because you are feeling happy about being pregnant rather than continuing to grieve the loss of your previous baby, fear about losing another baby, anger at people who minimize your previous loss and/or make insensitive comments, and so on. These emotions can be difficult to sort through on your own.
  • Consider joining a support group for women who are experiencing pregnancy after loss or seeing a therapist who specializes in grief support.

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