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Having babies one right after the other can be quite the experience! Writer Margarette Burnette, whose babies were born about a year apart, shares some tips, to help moms who have one baby and one on the way through this crazy time. Click here for "Back to back babies: 7 ways to make life easier."

Spin it

You know it's important to keep exercising during pregnancy -- but is spinning too vigorous? Lisa Stone, an ACE-certified pre- and post-Natal fitness instructor, has some information about spinning for you to consider along with your caregiver's advice.

Important to keep in mind for partaking in any sort of exercise during pregnancy: Drink LOTS of water before, during, and after the class. Whatever amount the instructor advises for the rest of the class to drink, double it! Staying well-hydrated will keep your core temperature within a safe range, especially important during your first trimester.

In the know

For every 100 girls conceived, there are approximately 125 boys. In the 38 weeks after conception until the end of pregnancy, that ratio changes to 106 boys for every 100 girls. For reasons yet unknown, a higher number of boys are miscarried.

Miscarriage -- the spontaneous loss of a baby before the 20th week of pregnancy -- occurs in approximately 15 to 20 percent of confirmed pregnancies. While there's still much that isn't known about the causes and treatment of miscarriage, there have been some significant breakthroughs on the research front in recent years. Slowly but surely, medical researchers are beginning to fit the pieces of the miscarriage puzzle together.

See a quick summary of some of the more recent findings.

Eating "real" food

While eating healthier and developing a more sound approach to fitness is high on the list of most people, a lot of people struggle with what "healthy" constitutes. Leanne Ely, author of Healthy Foods, offers some insight. Eat as close to nature as possible by eating foods that are easily identifiable. If you're pouring something out of a box and reconstituting it with water, not only are you probably eating a whole box full of chemicals, you're paying premium dollars for that chem-food.

A good rule of thumb -- if you can't pronounce the ingredient on the label, don't eat it. It's about eating what suits you. If you get squeamish at meat of any sort, be a vegetarian but give the rest of the world the grace not to be a vegetarian. If you feel better and eat less when you consume a little more protein, you're on the right track.

Read the whole article about healthy eating at

What about homebirth?

If you have thought about delivering your baby at home, you probably have a lot of questions! Are you wondering what exactly a midwife is, and whether midwifery care is right for you? What about homebirth -- is it safe? Is it legal? Is it what you want?

This article will help you find answers to these questions -- and more. Click here to read it.

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