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Start taking your prenatal vitamins now to correct any possible deficiencies that could keep you from conceiving or keep your baby from developing properly. In addition to helping to prevent neural tube defects, it has been found that children of mothers who took multivitamins close to the time of conception seemed less likely to suffer from certain types of brain tumors.

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Fertility charting tips and tricks

To take your basal body temperature (BBT), first get a special BBT oral thermometer, which goes only from 94 to 100 degrees, but has 1/10 degree gradations to make even tiny temperature changes detectable. Take your temperature first thing in the morning before any activity -- before getting up to go to the bathroom, before taking a sip of water, before even shaking down the thermometer to a lower temperature before use (so be sure to shake it down the night before). Many women opt for digital basal thermometers. If you are interested in this type, look for one that has a memory function and will save your most recent temperatures. This will allow you to not have to worry about recording the temperature right away, which can be a blessing for busy women, and this way you won't have to keep pen and paper on your bedside table.

See your caregiver

Schedule an appointment for a preconception checkup. Your caregiver will review your family history, make sure you're in good health, and will discuss your current contraceptive method. Many fertility experts recommend that a woman stop taking the birth control pill at least three months before she tries to become pregnant. This way, your cycles can return to normal, allowing you your best chance at achieving pregnancy and helping to more precisely determine gestational age if you do conceive.

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