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From Trisha's birth story: "My pregnancy was so smooth, no mourning sickness, no yucky feelings, just peachy. But when I became a week overdue, the doctor was ready to and induce. I had no problem with that! I went in on a Wendsday and they tried a suppository, which didn't even give me contractions! So, I went home and was told to return the following Tuesday (2 days after Easter) Again, a suppository was inserted and then another. Finally, I was put on pitocin. They had it, from what I thought, flowing through the IV. I was only 2 cm and having contractions every minute. Finally, another nurse came in and slowed it down. She also called the doctor to come and break my water. After an hour of waiting for the doctor, she checked me and accidentally broke my water; I was at 4 cm. She offered the epidural and I took it." Read the rest here!

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About amniotomy

Amniotomy is the artificial rupture of the amniotic sac during labor or before labor naturally starts; usually done to speed up labor. It is also referred to as ARM or AROM (artificial rupture of the membranes). Read one mom’s story of what it was like here.

How it can be helpful:

  • Can sometimes help a stalled labor to progress.
  • If the baby is high/”floating” during active labor, AROM can control the breaking the amniotic sac, so the umbilical cord does not emerge first (as it might with the water bursting) — potentially cutting off baby’s life support system.

Find out how it can be risky here: Amniotomy pros and cons

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