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Postmaturity Syndrome (PMS -- a different PMS) is defined as a postdates pregnancy accompanied by a combination of the following newborn assessments:

  • no lanugo (fine body hair)
  • long nails
  • abundant hair on head
  • calcified fetal skull
  • hanging or wrinkled skin, with the appearance of weight loss (think Shar-Pei)
  • dehydrated
  • alert face
  • peeling skin
  • little to no vernix
  • meconium or bile staining of skin

Postmaturity Syndrome can only be diagnosed after delivery. Only five percent of post-term babies are born with PMS: being small, undernourished and asphyxiated all as a result of the aging placenta.

A reader writes: "I would like to be able to move around during my labor, but my friends who have given birth recently tell me that the nurse made them get into bed right away. What if the nurse says that I have to stay in bed? Can I refuse to?"

Carolyn Rafferty, RN, BSN answers: "Many times when you come into a hospital for your labor it is expected by the medical team, your OB, midwife and nurse that your baby will be assessed prior to deciding what next actions are appropriate. This is usual and responsible care. One thing that will most likely be done is that you will be placed on the fetal monitor right away to get an initial tracing. The monitor is the most frequently used method of evaluating how often you are having contractions, how long they last and how the baby is responding to the contractions. This is the most likely cause for you being asked to get into bed right away." Click here for more!

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From Betsy's Week 40 pregnancy diary:

I can't believe it. I'm still reeling a little from the shock of having my due date come and go without the birth of my baby. You would surely think I'd know better! I'm no fool about estimated due dates, but there you go. All the prelabor I've been having really set me up, too.

Right on cue, the phone started ringing off the hook. Everyone just knew I must have had the baby by now and just forgot to share the good news. ;-) Despite all my attempts to not get my hopes up for an on-time baby during this pregnancy, I didn't realize how much I had subconsciously staked on having my baby in my arms on or by my due date. It doesn't help that Hannah Mac arrived on her due date after labor began spontaneously, so I guess I thought that "history" would count for something this time around."

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