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42 weeks pregnant

Do-it-yourself extreme

It's hard not to get incredibly impatient as the final countdown begins. More than one mom-in-waiting has wondered, "Can I do my own internal exam to see if I'm dilated?"

Well, you probably could -- with much difficulty and Twister-worthy moves -- somehow wrap your arm around your pregnant belly and up into your vagina to check on your cervical dilation. It wouldn't be easy, and it sure wouldn't be comfortable. (Are cervical exams ever fun?)

So let's say you have gorilla-length arms and can manage the contortions. Should you try to do a DIY internal exam? That answer is probably no, unless you're a trained physician, nurse or midwife. Read for more info here!

Baby and mom

Since you're now technically overdue, you might be a little concerned at how plump your little occupant is becoming. You might ask your caregiver to try to determine the size of your baby. When a caregiver estimates based on examination you should know that this "guesstimation" is quite often inaccurate. It is not unusual to have larger (macrosomic) babies that are mistaken for average-sized babies.

Several factors, including the mother's size make this method difficult. Click here to read more on determining size in utero!

pregnancy Ideas and Inspiration

You might feel like you have an insatiable appetite and be hungry in between meals. This is because your body now requires more fuel to burn. Try to snack on nutritious, non-fat foods, like fruit or popcorn. To avoid overeating, you may want to plan meals in advance, so that you don't gorge yourself on anything in sight.

Eating when you don't want to -- or eating foods you don't really like -- can be stressful when you're expecting. Just because you know you need to eat well because you're building a baby doesn't necessarily mean you're going to enjoy it. But have hope: Counting nutrients, balancing food groups and finding foods that are as appealing as they are healthy doesn't have to leave you hungry for an easier way to eat. Go here for 10 ways to continue to eat smart during the remainder of your pregnancy!


Looking for something fun? How about watching Look Who's Talking? In this movie, you get to hear what the little one is thinking, right from the moment of conception. The voice of Bruce Willis serves as Mikey, son of Kirstie Alley and a married man with whom she has had an affair. John Travolta, a taxi driver turned baby-sitter, becomes a substitute father to the little guy. The baby narrates the story wonderfully -- and might make you think twice about what your own baby is thinking right now.

Too early?

A reader writes: "What will happen if I get to the hospital too early?"

Our expert answers: "At most hospitals, when you arrive, you will be sent to a triage room where they determine if you are actually in labor. A nurse will check your cervix for dilation and effacement. You will also be monitored for contractions. If it seems that you are in labor, you will be admitted to the hospital. If not, the nurse may suggest that you take a walk to try to get your labor going or she may send you home with some suggestions on how to stimulate your labor, such a shower or nipple stimulation. It is very, very hard emotionally and psychologically to get sent home from the hospital when you think this might be it. However, it is really a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say, because at home you may be able to relax more fully and choose the things that you would like to eat. Read on here!

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