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The mother of two offers her insider advice on making your first -- or next -- birth experience the best it can be:

Showers during labor might feel nice... or might be awful. With my first, a shower made me feel wet on top of the pain -- with number two, it helped me relax. Try several different things... walk, stand, rock, kneel, etc. Listen to yourself -- and that goes for the breathing, too. Learn all you can then experiment! (Childbirth classes only go so far in preparing you. There's nothing that can really prepare you for the absolute intensity of the birth process! It's incredible and wonderful and absolutely extraordinary. I can't wait to do it again!)

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It’s one of the oldest questions in the book – and one of the most tiring. Three more moms on had to vent.

My first child was 14 days past my due date. I was so depressed that when people would say, "Haven't you had that kid yet?" I'd start crying. So with my second child, I lied. I told everyone that my EDD was 14 days later than it really was, so I wouldn't hear any of that with him. - Vicki

I am right there with you!!! In fact we must be related and not know it! My family is terrible!! My phone started ringing this morning at 7:30am with the same questions: "Did you go into labor? Are you going the hospital? What are you feeling?" Do people think we wouldn't call? Especially family?! – Hilary

I'd just say, "Progress? I don't know… Let me go get a latex glove and check myself for you!" Maybe that'll shut them up. - Gretchen

Is that a knee or an elbow? Is your baby's head down? It can be very hard to tell! But a trained caregiver usually can tell which end is up. Here's how they do it.

Advice and support

"Just got back from my Dr's appt. I am 3 cm dilated, and 80+ effaced. The doctor said he really expects this baby like tonight or this weekend... AAAGGGHHH!!! Oh, and when he was checking me, he said he did some 'extra stuff there' which I can only assume is stripping the membranes, or whatever it is called? I think I have been in denial up to now and I am so nervous now. So here's the hard part. He said if she didn't come this weekend, he could induce this Wednesday. Or, if by some chance I went past our next appt. on Thursday, he would not want me to go past Monday the 2nd, so he would definitely recommend induction on that day if no baby yet." - Ann-Marie

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