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41 weeks pregnant

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Here's what three moms had to say about joining the ranks of the Officially Overdue!

“Welcome to the overdue club... enrollment includes moments of insanity, ultrasounds and non-stress tests, people constantly calling you to see if you've popped yet… Oh, the fun!” - Shannon

“When you're overdue, you can try castor oil or black and blue cohosh or raspberry leaf extract or sex or nipple stimulation or bumpy car rides or eggplant parmesan or walking -- but I don't think babies come out until they are ready.” - Kristina

“I am convinced that I will only go into labor when I'm in a very, very bad mood. At 41 weeks, I toyed with the idea of induction, but the baby was doing very well, despite my annoyance at being so pregnant. I was so relieved to finally go into labor at 41 weeks and two days. I was scheduled for some heavy-duty testing the next day, and I didn't particularly want to make such major decisions. Thankfully, my girl took all that responsibility out of my hands!” - Andrea

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About an hour after you give birth, you'll probably be ready to take your first postpartum trip to the potty. (Yes, you now have to call it a "potty" until your baby turns 27.) The fear you will feel at this moment will make your labor anxiety seem positively trivial. You may even beg the nurses to please let you just keep the catheter forever.

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But eventually, what goes in must come out -- and you are going to have to haul your floppy body off the bed and into the bathroom. There you will be given a small plastic bottle. Quite possibly, no one will explain what this mysterious bottle is for, because that would indicate a level of caring and helpfulness that people will seldom show you, now that you are A Mom and no longer a Pregnant Person.

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From the story of Betsy's second birth:

"As I had dreamed it, my baby girl was immediately laid on my stomach and was latched on to my breast within a minute. Tony got to cut her cord and she was never out of my sight. I will always treasure the memory of Bailey's c-section birth, even though it was not something I 'did' in the sense that I birthed Hannah, but THIS fulfilled me in a way I really needed and never knew. Certainly it was not the labor of my dreams. But I am exhilarated that I MADE IT THROUGH the most mindnumbing pain I've ever experienced. I never dreamed I could withstand something like that. Although I didn't feel strong or empowered immediately after the birth (mostly just relieved), beginning with that night and ever since I feel a surge of adrenaline every time I think of what I did. I feel pretty amazed and impressed with myself. And it's so funny, because it's not like I'm the first person who ever did this. It's an everyday, common occurrence. THAT is amazing and miraculous to me." - Betsy

(Note: Betsy went on to deliver two more kids -- both at-home waterbirths! See Mira's birth story here.)

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