Your baby this week
40 weeks pregnant


Day 280!

Congratulations -- today is your official due date! If you don't go into labor today, though, you're not alone: only about five percent of women actually deliver on their due date.

>> When is a baby overdue?

5 things to love about labor

  1. You are the star of the show (the grand upstaging at the end notwithstanding).
  2. Endorphins and oxytocin — feel the rush of nature’s most powerful feel-good chemicals.
  3. Backrubs, foot massage — your wish is his command (and for once you aren't obligated to return the favor).
  4. You have an opportunity to learn how powerful and strong you never knew you were.
  5. The grand prize, of course: your beautiful baby.

In real life

"As an expectant mom, I went to all of my prenatal visits with a list of questions to ask my doctor about the labor and delivery process. When the big day came, however, I actually spent more time with the labor and delivery nurses than with my physician. These nurses gave me pain management advice, communicated what was happening when an alarm sounded on my fetal monitor, let me know when they would call in my obstetrician, and even warned me about the chances of their work shift ending before I delivered my baby. 

"Because they were so helpful to me with each of my deliveries, I decided to ask several of them how other moms-to-be could have the best childbirth experience possible." 

Here are her top four tips -- read them here!

Baby's "schedule"

The labor timetable is sort of a myth, because your labor, will be unlike another woman’s labor. It’s hard to slap a timetable up and say, “Ok, follow this grid” -- that’s just silly.

Newborn baby

Still, there is an average timetable that you can follow; so long as you know that you may not follow it to a tee. When in labor, stay flexible and open to change and your personal timetable.

>> The (approximate) labor timetable

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