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If you aren't pregnant, tomorrow may be the first day of your period. If you can stand to wait, try to hold off on testing until tomorrow -- your results may be more accurate that way!

Pregnancy test

Testing too early might not give you the most accurate result if you do not have enough hCG present to be picked up by a pregnancy test. "Unfounded assurance that a woman is not pregnant could have important consequences," said Dr Allen J Wilcox, senior investigator at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill faculty member.

"For example, women with a negative test result may fail to protect themselves from exposures to toxicants in the workplace or to medications that could damage a developing embryo. Many women will test positive a week or more before their period is expected, while a few women will test positive only a week or more afterward."

Read more from Dr Wilcox here, and keep in mind that if you test negative and your period still doesn't arrive, you should still treat yourself as though you were pregnant until your period does show (or you get a positive test) -- just in case.

Is sex still safe?

If you have a normal, healthy pregnancy, it is okay to continue to have intercourse right up until your bag of water breaks! However, if at any time sex is not comfortable, becomes unpleasant, causes pain, and or bleeding, you should stop and notify your health care provider.

Check out these signs

Some symptoms of early pregnancy include breast swelling, nipple tenderness, nausea, hunger and fatigue. Sounds just great, doesn't it? If you're not feeling anything, relax -- many women don't feel any symptoms until later -- and some don't notice any of these changes at all!

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Advice and support

Flower"I didn't have a single symptom when I got pregnant with my son. I had thought we missed the window that month (I ovulated late on cycle day 21) and the only reason I tested when I did is because my temp shot way up at 14 days past ovulation (DPO). It took 30 minutes but I got my positive. I think once I found out I was pregnant, I started noticing the round ligament pain more. My boobs never got really big or sensitive, my morning sickness didnt start until after my first doctors appointment, and I was never one of those that had to pee ALL THE TIME. I didnt have to get up at night until 31 weeks, so I lacked alot of typical symtpoms and my son is living proof!" - Christine

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