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Labor contractions are timed from the beginning of one contraction to the beginning of the next one. Use our easy contraction timer to help count the seconds!

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In labor

How do you know when it's really labor? It's not always easy to tell! Here's one mama's experience:

With my son, I wasn't sure I was in labor at first... I woke up at 2 am with insomnia and had some lower back twinges that would come and go... then they slowly spread towards the front at longer and longer durations. I was frantically looking up the difference between false vs. true labor on the web at four in the morning.

I don't think I really KNEW I was in labor until they really started to become a bit painful and the only thing I wanted to do was WALK (I think I walked a good 5K before I gave birth!). I'm hoping I remember what real labor felt like for this next one!

- Chloe

What is...

Neonatal jaundice is a somewhat common condition in newborn babies, marked by a yellowing of the skin and caused by the immature liver's inability to process excess red blood cells.

Treatment for mild cases will include allowing your baby to spend time in sunlight, though in more severe cases, the baby will be admitted to the hospital and placed under lights which synthesize the sun's rays (minus harmful UV radiation).

Baby layette

All dressed up and no place to go

Many babies come into this world with drawers full of teensy t-shirts, adorable bodysuits and little ruffly dresses. Sometimes, though, kids surprise us, and aren’t quite as big or small as we expected! They may not ever fit into their layette clothes, or, by the time they do, the season is all wrong. (Who wants to wear long-sleeved fleece in late summer?)

As much fun as washing and arranging those tiny baby outfits may be, try to hold back a little. Have a few basics on hand -- such as bodysuits and nightgowns -- but leave the tags on the newborn to six-month sizes until baby’s home and you can see how he’s growing. (If you have hand-me-downs, however, there’s nothing holding you back from washing, folding, and organizing these clothes.)

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Expert advice

A reader writes: "If I thank someone for their gift in person at my baby shower, do I still need to write a thank you note?"

Uterus pain

Our expert answers: "Have you ever noticed how some people are so fabulous about writing thank you notes? Writing a thank you note doesn't take much time at all and doing so is a kind way or showing your gratitude and appreciation. A thank you note is always the proper thing to do, unless the host of the party makes a speech during the shower and specifically says, 'Because we know you are going to be very busy in the coming weeks, our last present to you is that you do not have to write any of us thank you notes.'

"I have sent baby and wedding gifts to friends and never received a verbal or written thank you and that is very bad form!

"So the answer to this question is: Yes, a thank you should always be written, even after you have verbally thanked them at your shower."

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It's almost time, so you need resources to help make sure that you're all ready for labor and birth.  Make sure you're ready for the hospital with this guide!

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