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Almost there

Once the amniotic sac has broken, many caregivers suggest that your baby should ideally be delivered within 24 hours. Typically, labor will begin or strengthen after the rupture. Click here to see some more signs that labor will be starting soon!

Baby in mom

Baby shower fun

"My baby shower was last Saturday and it was a huge success! My sister did such a great job. We played a game called 'Baby Guess Who?' which was a ton of fun. Have each guest bring a baby photo of themselves, then put them up on a poster board and try to match them up. It's a lot harder than people think! We also played the baby food guessing game, and everyone had fun tasting the good and icky stuff -- even though my sister was mean and included spinach." - Danielle on the P&B message boards

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Talk about it!

Have you dropped by the message boards recently? Studies show that women who use online discussion forums were more likely to ask for help when they needed it for all kinds of issues, knew more than moms who never participated in forums (for example, the best ways to get a baby to sleep), and were more likely to get together face-to-face with other new mamas because they would set up groups and meetings online.

Find out more about the benefits of message board friendships here!

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In the know

The placenta now weighs about a pound and a half and is deep red -- it looks a lot like a big piece of raw liver. For more details (and a couple photos), see the article, What does the placenta look like?

Practice contrax

What are Braxton-Hicks contractions? These are considered 'practice' contractions or uterine exercise -- and while they are similar to labor contractions, they are not usually uncomfortable, do not quickly get longer and stronger, and do not result in cervical change. They can, however, be strong enough to make you wonder if what you're experiencing is really labor!

Many women notice an increased frequency of Braxton Hicks after sex or exercise, and as true labor draws near -- and regular BH contractions may indeed be part of very early labor.

Click here for more, including how Braxton-Hicks felt to real moms!

Baby Bono


"... He turns the volume even higher when we get to the lyrics, 'Freedom has a scent / Like the top of a newborn baby's head.' He calls these two lines the best on the album." - Spin magazine interview with Bono of U2 (and father of four -- shown here with son Elijah) discussing the song "Miracle Drug" from the album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

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