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Poll: How do you feel about popular baby names?

  • If I like the name, I don't care if it's popular: 41%
  • They're overused: 31%
  • Please - anything but trendy!: 24%
  • They're classic: 3%
  • They're OK and easy to spell: 1%

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Birth so good

Many women experience a pain-free birth... but for some, it's downright orgasmic. Read how -- and a look at some reasons why in The Pleasure Principle.

All a miracle

Because science is just scientific, researchers discuss fetal development as they measure it, and it only partially conveys the miraculous nature of what takes place. They can measure you and the size of your baby-to-be, but they can't describe the interconnectivity between mother and baby. Ancient legends and stories have captured the spirit of the miracle of pregnancy and birth better than science has done. So, relax and enjoy these last few weeks -- you are a miracle, too!

Calm pregnancy

In the know

Seems like you just finished up in the bathroom and already you have to go again! Frequent urination is a frustrating but classic hallmark of pregnancy, caused in the last trimester by your growing uterus pressing on your bladder, sending you to the bathroom at all hours. Our advice: Never pass up an opportunity to use the facilities -- if you do, you'll almost always regret it a few minutes later. Think of this irritation as a constant reminder to do your Kegel exercises religiously to maintain muscle tone!

Take control of your bladder with Kegels

In real life

"I am just so ready not to be pregnant anymore. Honestly, this has been the longest nine months of my life!" - Jana

Looking ahead

Ready for the next stage -- motherhood? Check out your post delivery planner here!

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