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Top Japanese baby names

Japanese cherry blossoms

The most popular names for babies born in Japan for the year 2009 were...

Boys: Hiroto, Shota, Ren, Sota, Sora and Yuto

Girls: Rin, Sakura, Hina, Yua, Yuna and Miu

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Water power

Late in pregnancy, it's not uncommon to feel some wetness... but is it a trickle of amniotic fluid or something else? In this article, Family Physician Jane Forester tells you how your caregiver can find out -- and if your water hasn't broken, what else it might be.

The massage message

If you're hoping to avoid an episiotomy or tearing during delivery, you might want to consider the benefits of perineal massage. Certified Professional Midwife Nina McIndoe explains more about what this massage is, and how to do it.

"Perineal massage is a technique designed to nourish and condition the tissues of the perineum, the area between the vagina and the rectum. Traditionally in childbirth this area is surgically cut (an episiotomy) to make more room for the baby to emerge. The purpose of perineal massage is to increase the possibility of delivering a baby without an episiotomy or a tear. It conditions the tissues, allowing them to stretch, thus resulting in less resistance to the birth of the baby."

Click here for some info how-to... and more on the why-to!

Yawn time

We know you think you're tired now... but be prepared: That sleepless feeling is likely to persist awhile longer. We asked SheKnows parenting readers: "On average, how long does your little one (under two months old) sleep at night before waking up for feedings?" Here are the poll results!

  • Wakes every 2–3 hours:  28%    
  • Wakes every 3–4 hours:  37%    
  • Wakes every 4–5 hours:  24%    
  • Wakes every 5–6 hours:  4%    
  • Wakes every 6+ hours:  7%    

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In real life

“I have a friend who recently had her first baby. At first, she was afraid that using a doula would make her husband feel ‘fired’ from the birth, but they both LOVED having her there. He said he would have been like a deer in the headlights without the doula.” - Alicia

Breast is best

Nursing baby

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for your baby, and is the only food that has all the nutrients a baby needs. While formulas have balanced nutrients, none can match the composition of mother's milk.

Breast milk contains antibodies that pass from the mother to the baby, giving it protection against infection, and is why breastfed babies tend to get fewer colds and infections than formula-fed babies. Further, because babies have to suck vigorously to get milk from the breast, this encourages good tooth and jaw development.

Get lots and lots (and lots) more information about breastfeeding your baby here!

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