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39 weeks pregnant

pregnant pajamas pjsSleepless?

In late pregnancy, sleep may be hard to come by with a racing mind (Will I sleep through labor?, How long does it take for an epidural to kick in?, Boy or girl?) -- and because of your girth. This is all totally normal. Just try whatever you can to get the sleep you need: use pillows underneath your belly and between your legs, try a body pillow, or just sleep propped up.

As for the racing mind... well, education is one of the best ways to quell your fears. So you're in the right place! :-)

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Things they never tell you about...

If you notice blood-tinged mucus ("bloody show") from the vagina, you may be losing the mucus plug that has sealed off the cervix up to this point. This is another sign that your body is preparing for labor.

Near the end of your pregnancy, the cervix begins to thin out and dilate, or open up. This happens at different times and in differing degrees with each pregnancy, so one pregnancy may lose the mucus plug in the last weeks before labor begins and another may experience this just before or in the early stages of labor.

Sometimes the loss of the plug is very noticeable and dramatic, coming out in one large piece or several small ones over a short period of time.

Click here for more about what the plug is like.

Baby basics

How do you burp a baby? You can start with gently patting his or her back. If that doesn't work, after a few minutes, try a rub: hold the baby up against your shoulder, and then starting at the small of the back, apply gentle pressure and rub your hand up along the baby's spine until you reach her neck, and then repeat. You might also have more luck laying the baby across your lap, applying gentle pressure to the abdomen and patting or rubbing his or her back.

Looking ahead: Sibling rivalry

A reader writes: "My daughter, age two, is constantly throwing toys and books at our newborn. I never leave them alone together, but she's aggressive even when I'm holding the baby. What can I do?"

Our expert answers: "Very often, new parents don't think about how the new baby will affect the life of their firstborn until they bring the baby home and discover that their older child isn't very loving with the baby -- or even worse -- doesn't want the baby in the house at all! There is no guarantee that you can remove all sibling jealousy; your newborn will require much attention, which is bound to make your firstborn at least a little uncomfortable." Click here are a few things to help you encourage the bonding process between your children!

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