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37 weeks pregnant

Your pregnancy today

Beginning today, your baby is considered "full term." This is only a technical medical definition, however, and your baby may be slightly ahead of or behind schedule. The good news is that your baby has made it past the riskiest times, and you have an excellent chance of having a healthy baby if born after this point.

New mom

Read pregnancy diary entries from the 37th week!

Nonni or Granny?

Once he learns to talk, what's your baby going to call his grandmother? Here are a few ideas for you!

  1. Grammie/Grammy
  2. Gran/Granny
  3. Grandma/Gramma/Grandmama
  4. Lala
  5. Mam/Mammie
  6. Mema/Mimi/Mimmie
  7. Nan/Nana/Nannie/Nanny
  8. Nonni, Nonna
  9. Oma/Omie

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In real life

It's a common pee-ve of pregnancy: incontinence. Well, mom, you're not the only one who needs to use maxi pads as diapers! Here's what some nine-monthers shared, like this gem from Beckie:

"I have a cat named Merlin, and he is obsessed with water. I guess this morning he found a new game... I go into the bathroom seeking relief, and what do I find? A cat half way out of the toilet, gleefully dipping his paw in the water and scooping it out all over the seat, the floor and everything! He is soaked from paws to whiskers. I am laughing so hard, I am almost crying, holding my stomach because I have to pee sooo bad. I throw the cat out and try to get the seat dry enough so that I can use it."

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Baby shower games

Baby shower thanks

Message board member Dawn asks: "I was wondering what do you guys recommend for getting the hostess as a thank you. She did an excellent job, the shower was at my house and she & her husband decorated brought all the food and drinks, and even cleaned up. There was nothing for me to do but open gifts! We were thinking about taking them out to dinner as a thank you, but I was wanting some more suggestions."

Read the suggestions -- and get inspired for what to get for your baby-shower hostess!

Count those kicks

If you have been asked to keep a record of your baby's movements, an easy and organized way to do it is by using a kick count chart. Download a weekly kick count chart here! The kick count is an easy, non-invasive test that you can do at home to check your baby's well-being. The idea is to be sure he or she is moving around enough -- if not, it can be a sign of fetal distress, and you need to contact your caregiver or hospital immediately. Click here to check out this free kick chart!

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