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37 weeks pregnant

In the know

The placenta now weighs about a pound and a half and is deep red -- it looks a lot like a big piece of raw liver. For more details (and a couple photos), see the article, What does the placenta look like?

Baby head

Birth word

Cephalic: Pertains to your baby’s gorgeous little head. A cephalic presentation means the baby is head-down in the womb, which is what you want -- and what moms get -- about 97 percent of the time. When baby's not head down, he's breech (head up) or transverse (sideways).

Looking ahead

A P&B reader asks: What is the best way to care for a newborn's umbilical cord, and how long will it stay attached?

The physician answers: The umbilical cord stump is normally about one to two inches long, depending on where it was clamped after delivery. It is a reminder as to where your infant was attached to you in the uterus. Within one to three days after birth, it will turn from a fleshy whitish-pink to a smaller black stump. This stump will fall off between 10 days and 4 weeks after birth. However, while still attached it requires special care to keep it free from infection.

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Your body now

In your eighth and ninth month of pregnancy you're probably getting short of breath from time to time, or even often. You may have concerns about this -- if you are having trouble breathing, is your baby getting enough oxygen?

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Baby Einstein?

Mom of two Minsun Park knows that no parent is perfect... and she proves it in her column, Parental Discretion.

"My son Jonah has just turned five months old, and despite my hopes of raising a Baby Einstein, I fear that I am raising a Baby Couch Potato instead. If you're a parent, you probably know that I'm referring to those ubiquitous Baby Einstein videos. The name of the company 'Baby Einstein' is a brilliant marketing ploy, calculated to alleviate any nagging parental guilt about plopping your bright bundle of potential in front of the idiot box. I'm reasonably sure that Albert Einstein would not have come up with his Theory of Relativity if he had grown up watching 'Must-See TV.'" 

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