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Vernix: It sounds like the name of an alien planet, but in fact it's a very typical human creation.

A greasy white substance made from sebum (oil) and dead skin cells, vernix is right now beginning to form on your baby's skin. It clings to the lanugo (the downy hair all over your baby), and is thought to keep the wee lad or lass in there from getting waterlogged. The vernix looks sort of like a pasty ointment, and it may still be on your baby immediately after birth -- as seen on the newborn below!

Vernix on a baby

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Feeling it out

Checking out the belly

Is that a knee or an elbow? Is your baby's head down? It can be very hard to tell! But a trained caregiver usually can tell which end is up.

It seems that every pregnant woman challenges herself to determine the exact position of her baby in her uterus and be the one to tell her caregiver. But believe us -- it's hard to do yourself. If only we could be standing next to ourselves to palpate our pregnant bodies, then I'm sure we would have the same success rate as our examining caregivers. Here's how they do it!

Big brother and the new baby

You’re bringing home baby and have a toddler already at home. Can big brother meet and greet -- and touch -- the new addition? Bryan Sibley, MD, FAAP, pediatrician and medical director of Beacon Health, Ltd/Westchase in Houston, Texas, says yes -- if the elder child is healthy.

"As long as the toddler is infection-free, there is no problem with a toddler being around an infant." So make sure to wash those little hands. (Get tips on how to get your kids to wash their hands the right way here.) "The greatest natural threat to a newborn is infection," he adds. "Germs that cause relatively minor illnesses in small children can lead to serious outcomes in newborns."

It's a...

"When the baby came, my doctor said, 'Well, this one ain't got any balls.' I thought our child might be missing part of his anatomy. Alec [Baldwin] was totally ashen. Then he realized and said, 'It's a girl!' I was basically in shock." -  Actress Kim Basinger on the birth of their daughter, Ireland, in Movieline

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