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37 weeks pregnant

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You may feel odd little twinges in your pelvis -- created by the baby turning his head and bumping it against the pelvic floor. Things are getting pretty cramped in there!

Clean together & stay together!

mop and bucketDo this:

Forget going out on a date with your man! Instead, stay in and clean. Forget romance, forget flowers, just focus on the house. Is this sounding lame? It’s not, we promise, and here’s why:

  • You're nesting! May as well take advantage of it. :-)
  • Even though you’re cleaning you’re still spending time together - two birds one stone.
  • Cleaning is the perfect time to chat.
  • When the two of you clean together there’s no resentment building up in just one of you.
  • You’re getting some of the chaos out of the house, which makes for easier baby care and a less stressed mindset - seriously looking at and living in a grungy house isn’t healthy for anyone.
  • Cleaning is a low stress date. You don’t have to dress up or even find time to shower - although… no one is going to care if the two of you hop into the shower together at the end of the ‘date’ then grab some quick take out before picking up the baby.

So set aside a monthly date for romance and cleaning for the good of your relationship and family.

pregnant womanHomestretch

Despite all we know about the in utero development of the embryo and fetus, lots of things are still mysterious. But we are starting to realize and appreciate how alive and aware the developing infant is, and how greatly the you and your environment affect the baby before birth. Congratulations! You're almost ready to meet your little joy!

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Advice and support

I have so many mixed feelings about nearing the end. I'm scared, anxious, excited and scared. Yes! Very scared about what to expect from everything to labor to bringing baby home. My husband keeps reassuring me that I'll do great and we'll be fine. (He's been such a great daddy so far taking care of me and my every whim).

I'm still apprehensive though! I'm also STARVING lately. I have to eat something every 3 hours or else I feel like I'm dying of starvation. Shouldn't I be feeling less hungry around this time?! I haven't gained any weight at all either since last week. Odd...

- Zara

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Don't bug out


If you have bugs on or around you -- whether it’s ants looking for a picnic to crash or mosquitoes wanting to go all Twilight on you -- can you still whip out a can of bug spray to get rid of them? How unsafe is basic insect repellent, anyhow?

First, you have to remember that many bug bites are more than simple annoyances: Insects can carry a variety of diseases, including West Nile Virus, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. On the other hand, it's also known that most pesticides are chemical poisons -- and the less exposure you have, the better.

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