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37 weeks pregnant

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This is it! This month, you may feel like you're about to explode as your uterus is up under your ribs. There just can't be that much more room in there! In the later part of this month, you probably won't gain that much more weight.

Your baby, however, continues to gain weight up until the last week it is inside you -- at a rate of about a half a pound a week! All of its organs, including the lungs, are now developed.

Secret stressors

Every expectant mom has worries. But there are some things that just seem so embarrassing, we don't want to ask anyone about them. Lucky you! Get some info here about things you're secretly stressed about.

Twinkle toes

Pedicure time!

You may feel an irresistable urge to tidy your home or prepare meals or finish decorating the nursery. This is called the "nesting instinct," and happens to many moms-to-be close to delivery. Go with your feelings, but don't wear yourself out! Take rest breaks frequently.

If you're up for improvement, how about going to get a pedicure? You won't be able to reach your toes anyway, and the soothing touch will invigorate you. Choose a bright color polish to distract you during labor!

Itchy scratchy?

Your abdomen may be extra itchy, especially in the last trimester when you’re growing noticeably each week. Get some help dealing with the itchy belly blues here!

It's time to get ready for your little one, starting with our baby guide! Find out about caring for your newborn, diapering details, baby health answers, food facts, baby message boards and much more.

What's safe to drink?

Drink up!

Every pregnant woman knows that water is truly essential during these nine precious months. It seems this liquid jewel is the solution to many of our pregnancy complaints, from constipation to fatigue to dry skin and everything in between. But, as the belly gracefully expands and hormones fiercely surge, many women find their taste buds transform as well. What was once a refreshing glass of liquid hydration turns into a bland, unsatisfying obligation.

So, what is the pregnant woman to do? Clearly, it’s important to stay hydrated -- but as it turns out, water may not be the only way to get the needed fluids.

Get ideas here! Sick of water? 5 Pregnancy safe drink options

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