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Pregnancy sex

pregnant couple sexyWebMD recently posted some new research that reveals what pregnant women really think about pregnancy sex and some of the thoughts may surprise you.

Normal fears

For example a full “Quarter of the women surveyed had feared that vaginal intercourse would harm their baby, but only three of the women ended up postponing intercourse until their babies were born. Two of these three women engaged in other forms of sexual activity.” This is normal but not necessary - to fear sex during pregnancy. Unless you have a special health concern (i.e. placenta previa or cervical incompetence) you can safely have sex throughout pregnancy.


“Frequency of sexual activity did not drop off for most women until their third trimester, although about 10% said they had sex more often during their third trimester than during their first or second.” This is common because finding a sex position that works with your hugely growing belly is difficult - but not impossible.

Pregnancy sexiness

41.5% of the women said they felt less attractive or sensual while pregnant. Yet, 75% said their partners did not find them any less desirable.” Almost all guys I’ve talked to DO find their partner super sexy during pregnancy. However, it’s true, when you’re preggers it’s easy to feel all chubby and unattractive. To ease these feelings try talking to your partner, take the time to make yourself feel better (spa day!), wear a sexy maternity dress, or plan a fun babymoon that will relax your body and mind.

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In the know

Some time this month, your baby will probably "engage" or "drop" lower into your pelvis as he or she enters the birth canal in preparation for delivery. This sensation is called lightening, and it can occur weeks or days before labor, or not at all until labor begins. After the baby has engaged, pressure will be relieved in your chest and lungs, making it easier for you to breathe.

What is...

Eclampsia is severe pre-eclampsia resulting in maternal seizures. Eclampsia results from pregnancy-induced hypertension, a dangerous condition that may occur during pregnancy.

Symptoms may include elevated maternal blood pressure, swelling of ankles and hands, sudden weight gain and protein in the urine.

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The healthy baby nursery

handmade baby blocksIt is heartbreaking to see well-meaning and excited new parents decorating their new baby's nursery by painting it, installing new carpeting, and buying a crib with a brand-new foam or synthetic mattress. I did some of these things when I was pregnant; I knew better, but I wanted to be "normal" (and not chemically sensitive) and provide standard things for my baby like everybody else did.

Want to take the first step in ensuring a healthy nursery?

Find out whether there is lead paint on the walls! Lead paint was not sold after 1978, but the walls of any home built prior to 1978 could be problematic. As cozy as carpeting may appear to be for a nursery, it can be a reservoir of dust mites, mold, mildew, and VOCs. If there is old carpeting in the nursery, pull it up and replace it with untreated hardwood floors or floors treated with a water-based, low-VOC finish. If carpet is a must for the nursery, choose completely untreated carpeting with natural latex or jute backing."

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Late pregnancy joys

It's not just you: The symptoms keep piling up!

My pelvic pain is getting so bad I literally cry sometimes when I am getting up off the couch or something. It feels like she is going to break my pelvic bone. Is that possible?? Is there anything I can do? I go to the doc tomorrow, I think I am going to have him check me just to see, but I mentioned last time to him about these pains and he just said take some tylenol, but it is so much worse now then it was 2 wks ago.

The baby is still head down and I feel her under my pubic line all the time, why is she so low? I feel like dying -- LOL -- even my husband mentioned that I never had this hard of time with my last pregnancy.

- Melissa

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