Your baby this week
36 weeks pregnant

12 things for the hospital

Do you have the bag for the hospital packed and ready to go?

12 things you might want to include:

  1. Camera
  2. Cell phone
  3. A laptop or netbook, if you want to keep busy and/or give the world status updates. (Check out Digital moms: Having a baby in the age of Facebook.)
  4. Flowers
  5. Clothes for the baby
  6. Clothes for you to wear home
  7. Books, ebooks or other reading material (especially some diversions for your partner)
  8. Sour candies to suck on during labor (sugar-free are recommended)
  9. A focal point (could be anything calming you like to look at -- from your wedding photo to a little baby bootie or a beautiful bouquet)
  10. Tennis balls or other items to help massage your back
  11. Nightgown or bathrobe (which can open all the way down the front)
  12. Nursing bra & several pairs of cotton underwear
  13. Warm socks or slippers

Click here to make your own quick & each labor bag checklist!

In the know

The baby's skull is actually composed of seven different bones. The spaces between the bones of the baby's skull are called sutures. At points where several skull sutures intersect, there will be a space enclosed by a membrane called a fontanel (also known as the "soft spot").

mom and newborn

In order for a baby to be able to travel through the birth canal, the head must be small enough and flexible enough to fit. Fortunately the brain is only a fraction of its adult size at birth. The bones that surround it are also able to mold into different positions. This explains why most babies that have been resting low in their mother's pelvis, waiting for delivery, have long pointy heads just after birth.

But while the head must be extremely moldable, it must also be very sturdy. The skull is responsible for protecting the brain beneath it. It must be strong enough to endure bumps and bonks during delivery and thereafter.

Read more about the amazing baby head here.

Tick tock

Labor contractions are timed from the beginning of one contraction to the beginning of the next one. Use our easy contraction timer to help count the seconds!

Late pregnancy joys

Yes, grumpiness is a symptom of pregnancy!

From Valerie's pregnancy diary:

Okay, so I'm officially in that place I consider "the home stretch." There are about five weeks left of this pregnancy (+/- 2 weeks) and I'm feeling more and more ready as each day passes. I've been in a really negative place lately, partly caused by the hormones of late pregnancy. I am emotional, grouchy, and all around not much fun to be with these days.

I can remember feeling this way in my first pregnancy and I find myself wondering if it's possible I could be carrying another female inside my body. With my boys I distinctly remember feeling very... aggressive -- you know, full of testosterone. My first pregnancy was our first girl, and I remember being weepy, moody, sensitive, much like I am now. I can't, for the life of me, remember HOW I was feeling when pregnant with our second girl. Oh well, I guess time will tell.

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