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35 weeks pregnant

Shave safely

Shave your legs?

Shaving your legs while pregnant can be interesting. You’re not as easily flexible (for all those fancy one-legged stands in the shower) and pregnancy supercharges your hormones, which can make your legs more sensitive to shaving creams and other shaving gear.

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In the know

<flower>Depending on your doctor's philosophy and schedule, he or she may not be with you much (if at all) until shortly before delivery. Although there are other caregivers who could deliver the baby if needed, ask your doctor to clarify his or her routine for you.

Tomboy pregnancy

The last thing tomboy Jennifer Senior expected while expecting? That she'd discover her inner girl.

Tomboy pregnancy

"For as long as I can remember, I have thought of myself as a tomboy. You might think that pregnancy would have momentarily rid me of this belief about myself. It is, presumably, the peak state of femininity -- or at least the peak state of womanhood, the incomparable expression of what separates gals from men. And yet carrying a child did nothing to free me from the conviction that I am more masculine than feminine. Instead, it sharpened it -- for the first six months, anyway."

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Newborn screen

When your baby's born, one of the early newborn screening tests will be for something called phenylketonuria, or PKU.

PKU is a disease that affects the way the body processes protein. Children with PKU cannot process a part of the protein called phenylalanine. Click here to read more about newborn screening tests.

Water baby

To help make labor less painful, have you considered laboring in a soothing bath -- or even an actual waterbirth? Midwife Jill Cohen shares her experience and some of the benefits of this natural pain relief.

Happy mama

I walked in to find her children sound asleep and her partner sitting at the edge of their large tub, a glass of cold water and bendable straw in hand to help keep Hazel well-hydrated. Before she could utter a word, another contraction arrived and she went deep into herself.

Because water can speed labor along once the woman is over 5 centimeters dilated, and I guessed that Hazel was at least that, I busied myself preparing her birthing room. I then settled into the bathroom with my water Doppler and monitored our little friend. All was well. Hazel needed to pee, so she got out and onto the toilet. Another big contraction, wide eyes and pop went the bag of waters. They were clear and smelled sweetly of baby. It was time to decide where this child would be born.

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