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Practical considerations for breastfeeding include its low cost, convenience, and assistance with weight loss after delivery. Talk to other moms about preparing to nurse their babies on our breastfeeding message board, or read through several articles on breastfeeding here at Pregnancy & Baby!

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In her Pregnancy & Baby diary, Jen's 34-week entry is about the discovery that her baby has turned and is now in the breech presentation.

I'm rather stunned, really. For the first time in either pregnancy, I must seriously think about the possibility of a cesarean section. Of course, I've always known it's a possibility. Emergencies happen all the time that require cesareans, and planned cesareans happen with regularity, too. I just never truly considered that it could happen, in any circumstance, to me. Naive, I know.

Coincidentally, our refresher childbirth class was held the morning after this revealing ultrasound. The staff midwife who led the class gave some very clear explanations of what happens during a vaginal vertex delivery (anterior and posterior) and a vaginal breech delivery. She had a prop baby and pelvis she used to demonstrate all that the baby does and the assisting staff does. She also explained well the tests that would be done prior to planning an attempt at a breech vaginal delivery. All at once this reassured me and scared me.

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Dads and breastfeeding

Odd as it sounds, you and your baby aren't the only ones affected by your decision to breastfeed -- your husband is too -- and getting him involved is critical. A number of studies have shown that when dads support and encourage breastfeeding, their wives are more interested in doing it, are a lot more successful and do it for longer. Read more in Mr Dad: Your Husband and Breastfeeding!

newborn infant twinsDo twins mean cesarean?

A reader expecting twins writes in: "All my friends are saying I will probably have to have a c-section delivery. Is this always the case with twin births?"

Our expert answers: "Caregivers have become increasingly proficient in handling the many complications involved in multiple births. This is by virtue of the fact that there are many more multiple births in this day and age. Caregivers have many more "tools" at their disposal these days than they used to, and can watch you and your babies throughout your pregnancy with a higher chance of a good outcome for you and the babies. A cesarean section, if necessary, is far from the worst thing in the world, especially if it allows you and your babies to avoid some of the other possible complications."

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We may re-create our history, we may revise it, but no matter what our choices, we are always reacting to it. We remother ourselves through our daughters, in good ways and bad.

- Jane Adams

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