Your baby this week
34 weeks pregnant

Lunar Months Nine and Ten

(33 to 40 weeks)

These last few (thankfully!) weeks of gestation are referred to as the finishing period. Baby's growth slows even more, but the baby continues to gain white fat. (So, does that explains the midnight ice cream cravings.)

Boyfriend shirtExtra!

The newest trend to hit the streets comes straight out of the closet of your boyfriend or hubby — the boyfriend shirt -- as seen on the right. So how can you wear it so you look feminine and flirty, not like you have thrown on an oversized shirt?

Find out at Maternity trend -- The boyfriend shirt!

Nursery school

The right window covering can "make" the room -- choose something that will allow sunlight but avoid glare, give you privacy but will allow your baby to see the world outside. Consider curtains, mini blinds (do not allow your child to pull at gnaw on the blinds, as some miniblind coatings may contain lead), roller blinds (you can make your own with any fabric and a kit available at most craft stores), a variety of fabric shades or and shutters.

Read more tips in Your baby's room, and be sure to try out our interactive nursery checklist!

An easier first birth

The idea of giving birth for the first time can be daunting -- you want to be prepared.

 Doula Cindy Harmon-Jones offers you some of her ideas for ways you can work with your body toward the goal of an easier birth!

As a doula, I've learned that the birth of a first baby is much more likely to be a long, difficult process than the birth of a second or subsequent baby. Although birth is a process that can't be controlled, a pregnant woman can do many things to influence the process and give herself the best chance of a joyful, relatively comfortable labor and birth. If you are pregnant with your first baby, or planning your first VBAC, I hope you will read on.

Oh, yuck!

Worried about pooping on the delivery table? When it comes to birth, we know you really don't want to give a... well, you know. So how can you avoid it?

We sympathize, but the answer is, in short: You can't. If you're giving birth vaginally (or even actively laboring), if there's something there, it's going to come out. How can you avoid pooping on the delivery table? Imagine, if you will, a bowling ball and a new, open tube of toothpaste. Picture rolling the ball over the tube, from the sealed end toward the hole. Well... the bowling ball equals baby's head, the toothpaste tube is your rectum and anus. (Lovely thought -- we know. Hope we didn't put you off brushing your teeth for good.) Read on!

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