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It's almost time, so you need resources to help make sure that you're all ready for labor and birth. Make sure you're ready for your baby's birth with this guide!

Too close for comfort?

Is your placenta close to your cervix? Labor is around the corner and you are worried about what it will mean for labor. Labor and delivery nurse Wanda Steele offers some insight:

If you have these problems, then the main thing to watch for is bleeding. Bleeding may mean that some portion of the placenta -- sometimes just an edge -- has loosened from the uterus. This can cause irritation to the uterine muscle, resulting in cramps or contractions and can be a dangerous situation for mother and baby. Obviously, if you look at the anatomy, the placenta which delivers the oxygen and blood flow to the baby cannot be delivered first, or the baby would not survive and there could be a great deal of blood loss for the mother.

Not wanting either of these things to occur, if a placenta previa is diagnosed, cesarean delivery is the only way to have a good outcome for both the mother and the baby. There are no exercises or ways that I am aware of to affect a change in the placental position.

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5 parenting lessons

Due Maternity tunic topThere’s obviously a lot to investigate when you’re pregnant — names, nursery decor, care providers, and so much more. However, some parenting topics are far more important than others and during pregnancy is the perfect time to learn.

Why while you’re pregnant? Well, any new mama will tell you that sleep deprivation will suck the will to learn right out of you and secondly; wouldn’t you rather spend time gazing into your new baby’s face than facing a pile of books? Lastly some of these skills you’ll be using during labor (after your baby comes won’t help).

Here are five don’t-miss topics that you should bone up on while pregnant.

  1. Breastfeeding: you aren’t doing it yet but the more prepped you are the better off you’ll be. Locate a breastfeeding support group before you ever need one. Get a great book and talk to other breastfeeding mamas.
  2. Infant and child CPR and first aid: the most important class you can take for your baby. Enough said.
  3. Prenatal Yoga: not only is this a great low impact exercise during pregnancy but you’ll learn to relax properly and take time to breathe; skills every new mama can use.
  4. Childbirth: don’t let labor blindside you. Yes it will hurt. Yes it will be tough. But yes you can do it and prepping before hand can help. Find a doula for support, take a childbirth class, and read a great book on what’s going to happen during labor.
  5. Baby proofing: sure your little won’t be crawling for a while but by the time she does you will be tired as all get out. Are you really going to want to figure out how to baby proof under a haze of drowsy? Also, shopping — so much easier without your baby. Get the supplies you’ll need early.

By handling a bulk of the parenting learning curve early on you’ll be more prepared to do what you should be doing after the birth — enjoying your new adorable baby.

Make a note

Not a fun thought, but if something happened to you, who would care for your child? Have you nominated a guardian in your will? This is just one of the many issues you need to consider. Find out more about guardianship here in this article by attorney Andrew E Tanenbaum.

newborn baby birthWant to hear a baby being born? Stop by the sound gallery!

Shower time

Here is a fun decorative and useful idea for a baby shower signature quilt that will hang above the changing table and hold all the little supplies such as powder, lotion and diaper pins. When your baby is older, you can use the cute little pockets to hold their stuffed animals or toys! Click here to learn how to make your very own baby shower signature quilt.

Quick and easy

Try Janet's quick and easy Chicken-n-Broccoli with Rice recipe:

This is quick, easy and healthy - and it must be good because it's my husband's favorite dish! This is also a good choice is you've forgotten to set out the chicken. I always start with frozen chicken breasts.

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