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Achy pelvic/public bone? For relief from the discomfort you can engage in a couple activities that take the weight and pressure off the area. Floating or swimming in a pool or deep tub can feel positively blissful. You may also find it comfortable to relax on an exercise ball.

The pubic bone can also make its presence known after birth -- especially after delivering a particularly big baby, or one with a huge head. When it manifests at this time, walking can be near impossible for a day or two because of the sharp pains that occur every time you put weight on the joint. Take it easy for a little while, and you'll be just fine. Read on here!

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The uterus is your baby's home during gestation. Also referred to as the womb, the uterus is hollow with a thick, muscular wall, and is considered the strongest muscle in the human body. In the pre-pregnant state, your uterus is the shape and size of a small pear, and is about one inch thick. It grows from two ounces to about two pounds during pregnancy. In the weeks after birth, it will retreat back into your pelvis and will shrink to almost pre-pregnancy size.

The upper segment has contractile muscle fibers which retract, pushing the baby down. The fibers in the lower segment fibers elongate.

Preemie birth story

Faced with labor at 25 weeks gestation, Sherece was worried about her baby. Read the story of how her daughter entered the world "smaller than a beanie baby bear." Read her story here, and if you want to read more birth stories, click here to see our growing collection!

Is this normal?

pregnant measure fundal height

A reader writes: "My fundal height is measuring 30 and I am almost 33 weeks pregnant. My doctor said he was not concerned, but did Make a note of it. Is this normal? Does it mean that my baby might not be growing well?"

Obstetrician/Gynecologist David Barrere answers: "At each obstetrical visit, your doctor should measure your stomach to see how the uterus is growing. This gives the obstetrician a rough idea of how the baby is growing. The growing baby puts pressure on the wall of the uterus, stimulating the uterus to grow. From 20 to 28 weeks, typically the height of the uterus is concordant with the gestational age. After 28 weeks, then individual differences tend to appear. For example, a petite woman tends to peak around 35 centimeters, while obese women can have fundal heights that far exceed their gestational age. Read more here!

Fun baby shower prizes

Need some ideas for prizes and other neat ideas for you to consider the next time you throw a baby shower? When it comes to prizes, feel free to keep it simple. Most people don't come to the shower for the games and prizes, but a nice token when you win a game is a fun reward.

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