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What is molding? It's the overlapping of fetal skull bones during birth -- and may mean that your baby's born with a "cone head." Don't worry -- that's what your baby's head is supposed to do in order for it to fit through the birth canal, and the reason the skull bones are not fused.

Changes to your baby's head

Skip the beer

Non-alcoholic cocktailsHave you ever felt like this? "I'm pregnant, but dying for a beer. Can't I have just a little alcohol?" We know you want it -- just one frosty brewski to go with your pizza or to have after work.

Your mom may have told you that she drank through her whole pregnancy -- and look, you're fine, right? Be that as it may, most major health organizations say to nix the alcohol -- be that beer, wine or any other liquored beverage.

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Best nest

Nesting toward the end of pregnancy is very common, completely normal, and a very real event. Basic biology shows that all mammals -- both animals and humans, nest, i.e. prepare their home or surroundings for the arrival of a new baby. 

Nesting can take it’s toll. I’ve seen some mamas literally run themselves ragged right before their baby arrives due to the nesting urge. That’s no good. Soon enough you’re going to be dealing with labor, a birth, and newborn care. You need to preserve your strength.

Instead of nesting all willy nilly, try to channel your instincts into some productive and less hectic organizing. For some examples, check out Practical nesting for mamas-to-be.

Pain in the back

What about back pain before your baby is born? This may be more of an issue the farther along you are. Back pain tends to be at its worst during the second and third trimesters as the various physiological changes of pregnancy really start to kick in. It's more likely to be a problem for you if you have a history of back problems or you happen to be carrying more than one baby.

Pregnant mama

Contrary to popular belief, your age, height, weight and the weight of your baby have little bearing on the amount of back pain -- if any -- you experience. But assuming you're one of the unlucky gals hit with back pain during pregnancy, here are some tips on minimizing the amount of discomfort you experience.

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Newborn and mama

Birth plans

A birth plan, at its best, is a statement of your preferences for labor and delivery. It can be a great tool for facilitating communication, as long as you understand it's not a binding contract. Today, the best thing about birth plans is that you have to become knowledgeable about birth to write one. For many women, used to following someone else's lead and doing what they're told in medical matters, this is a wholly new idea.

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