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Those little kicks

When you first feel your little one move inside you it can be quite amazing! How active should a baby be at various stages of pregnancy, and should you be worried if your baby doesn't move a lot? Learn more about fetal movement from Obstetrician/Gynecologist David Barrere -- click here.

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Pregnant mom

Have you looked into prenatal massage? During pregnancy and childbearing, the enormous influx of hormones combined with weight gain, altered body shape, and the normal biophysical and structural discomforts caused by increased blood volume and a shifting center of gravity, all contribute to many pregnant women feeling downright uncomfortable, emotionally and physically!

Massage can provide an excellent means not only for relieving body stress, but also for helping her deal with emotional fears and concerns. When a woman feels integrated and healthy in her body and mind, she will manifest a more positive birth experience. Read more about pregnancy massage therapy here!


Fun part of being pregnant? You probably expect to visit the lavatory more now you are pregnant, but be prepared to go all night long, too!

Anne Sanchez of Rancho Cucamonga, California, in her second trimester, says, "It seems that no matter how much or how little I drink before bedtime, I still find myself up half the night making trips to empty my bladder. I thought that you aren't supposed to be up all night until the baby was born!" Perhaps it's your body's way of prepping you for life post pregnancy? Regardless, prepare to spend half the night in the little girls' room.

Read more "not so fun" parts of pregnancy right here.

Pop quiz

"My stomach is enormous, and the bigger it gets, the smaller my ass looks, so I'm kind of enjoying it." Which star said this of her pregnancy? (See the answer tomorrow!)

Budget for baby

Budget for babySeeing the little plus mark on a positive pregnancy test may not only have you seeing blue and pink -- chances are it will have you seeing green, too! It’s a known fact that babies cost money, so what can you do to prepare your bank account for your special delivery? Get budget-smart tips here!

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