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33 weeks pregnant

First time mom?

Baby number one? Here's a little site guide to some birth info and tips all for you: Just for first-timers

Woof meets waaah

Dog and your baby

For years, your dog has been your baby. Now you're expecting a real human baby and you're worried about how your dog will react. You need some tips to help you get your pup all ready for the new arrival, and avert any potential "sibling rivalry." Get the info you need here: Prepare your pet for the new baby

Make time for love

Your hormones are raging, making you feel ready for love. You begin massaging your husband's back and kissing him to signal your desire, but he pulls away. He pats your expanding belly and says, "Let's wait until after the baby is born." What's going on? Read more here!

Heartburn headaches

Mom on sofa

Here's what moms-to-be on our message boards had to say about indigestion and heartburn during this trimester...

"Ugh! I've never had heartburn in my life until now. I wasn't sure if it was a pregnancy symptom or not until I looked it up in my books. All the foods they tell you to avoid were all the ones I was living on!" — Megan

"Tums is my best friend. I take them every night before bed even if I don't have heartburn because if I don't, I wake up within a couple hours with pain that I can't rid of it. It's just easier to prevent it. My doctor doesn't mind me doing it because of the calcium and I don't drink milk. I find that avoiding spicy foods and not eating as much in one sitting really helps." — Jody

"I'm so sick of taking Tums and Maalox soft chews that it makes me want to throw up thinking about them! It doesn't matter what I eat or when I eat, heartburn is always there saying ‘HELLO.’ This is the one part of pregnancy I hate and could live without!” — Heather

"I had heartburn 24/7 with my other two pregnancies… it was horrible. With this one I only have it once in awhile, and when I do have it one Maalox cherry soft chew right out of the fridge (yum) takes care of it." — Trish

Happy birth

Ready for an enjoyable labor? If this question makes you laugh, scoff or even hoot in disbelief, then think again, because how you prepare mentally for labor can have a huge affect on your physical experience of it. Personal development coach and pregnancy fitness consultant Lindsey Jackson tells you more:

Just imagine for a moment that you could deal with each contraction in such a way as to feel increasing excitement. Or perhaps feel the pressure of the baby's head as a triumphant miracle arriving.

For your body to be telling you "I'm ready, I'm in charge, and this is what I was meant to do. I'm built for this." As you consider this possibility now, you are already altering your perception of the birth. Perhaps you can liberate yourself from the expectation of pain, hurt and drama regarding childbirth? Perhaps you can listen to the information about how it might be, what physical things will go on for you and decide for yourself how you are going to perceive them.

You see, you have a choice. Your perception of things IS your reality. So you can choose to perceive your experience however you want to.

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