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There are hundreds of different themes you can choose when decorating your baby's room -- from warm and cozy, with wooden furniture and rich yellow hues yellow -- to bright and bold, with white furnishings and bursts of vivid colors throughout.

Baby nurseryFeel free to mix patterns and colors, and consider trying something new, like painting a mural on the wall or sponging or stenciling letters or animals on the wall in a contrasting shade. Also, remember that your newborn isn't going to be a baby forever -- before you choose a pastel bunny motif for the entire nursery, think about how soon you're going to have to retire it.

Similarly, fewer and fewer of today's parents are decorating the nursery pink for girls and blue for boys. Staying gender-neutral also ensures the setup will be reusable if another baby comes along.

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grumpy mature woman grandmotherAdvice and support

Do you ever worry that your own mom won't think you're up to the task of mothering?

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Birth order

Jan Brady didn't exactly relish being the middle child. ("Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"). But there might be more to birth order than sibling rivalry.

Experts say it can influence personality and the way you act. What does your child's birth order say about them? Find out here!

Having twins?

Curious about what your life will be like as the parent of twins? Here are some tips to help simplify bedtime:

It is most often thought that sleeping in the same room works best. This is because it increases the odds to get them on the same schedule without much effort. newborn infant twinsWhen one wakes up, he or she will tend to wake the sleeping baby -- and, believe it or not, this is what you want. In fact, it is recommended that if one baby wakes up during the night, you should wake up the sleeping twin and nurse him too -- this will continue to foster the same eating/sleeping schedule.

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